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We are Rhode Island's Community

Giving Fund

The Fund for Community Progress is Rhode Island's Community Giving Fund - connecting donors to causes they care about.  By connecting donors to 25 different charitable agencies in our own communities we all become part of the solution to extinguish poverty, hunger, illiteracy, violence and discrimination.

For more than 30 years, The Fund for Community Progress has been leading Rhode Island in socially responsive philanthropy.  One dollar, one donor at a time- together we are helping our neighbors thrive.

How your donation impacts your neighbors ~

 Mental Health Association of Rhode Island

Jack lived on the streets of Providence for the past thirty years. Jack’s rap sheet is ridden with arrests – all for charges associated with his chronic homelessness and refusal to use the homeless shelters. He considers basements, park benches, sidewalks and the spaces beneath bridges “home.”  Over the course of his three decades of homelessness, largely due to his cognitive deficiencies and paranoia, he has not engaged with mental health service providers. This lack of services results in a heavy use of the hospital and prison systems, which would have been greatly minimized if Jack had the support he needed to take care of himself.

A district court judge cancelled a bench warrant for Jack on the condition that he engage with social workers to successfully submit an SSI/SSDI application on his behalf. Just weeks after submission, Jack was awarded SSI and Medicaid. This funding allows Jack to live in supportive housing, properly care for his health, and participate in his community.  The ACCESS and SOAR programs of the Mental Health Association of Rhode Island help individuals like Jack every day to get the supportive services and intensive case management that they need to not only survive but thrive as members of our Rhode Island community.

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NEW deadline date:

APRIL 30, 2015

 For both the Voll and Rivard scholarship applications!

Paula M. Rivard Memorial Scholarship

The Paula M. Rivard Memorial Scholarship awards financial support to single women to begin or continue studies in higher education in order to better their lives.

Paula M. Rivard Scholarship Application

Paula M. Rivard Scholarship description

Nondas Hurst Voll Scholarship

The Nondas Hurst Voll Scholarship awards financial support to single mothers who begin or continue studies in higher education. 

Applications for 2015 are due April 30. 

 Nondas Hurst Voll Scholarship Application

Nondas Hurst Voll Scholarship Description



Neighborhood Health Stations Fund

The Fund for Community Progress is the fiscal agent for the pilot phase of Neighborhood Health Stations. 

What is a Neighborhood Health Station?

A Neighborhood Health Station is a new kind of community organization that builds communities as it improves the health of individuals.  It provides a place for people in a neighborhood to get most of the medical services they need, a coordinated team of health professionals to care for that community, a community organization that can advocate for the health of everyone who lives in the community, and a place for people to come together, exercise and grow together.

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Congratulations to Fund member Groundwork Providence for being chosen as one of Citizens Bank and NBC10’s Champions in Action® in the family support category.

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